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Graveyard Lights

Our graveyard lights come in a great variety of sizes and shapes. The candles in glass jars are topped by caps to protect the flame from the elements.


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Plastic Line

We created oiler inserts and graveyard lights in plastic cups. Oilers can be used as candles in lanterns or as the replacement memorial lights in glass jars.



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Outdoor and Garden Lights

The lights will make any outdoor party special. The joyful candles will be a wonderful decoration in daylight and a perfect illumination at night.



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 Commitment to Availability

We commit to our chosen markets to hold perfect availability of specific end products at a specific warehouse of our client. We provide extra value to clients through guaranteed lead times, frequent deliveries thus holding less stock in the system. Our production performs in the most effective way to meet this commitment.

High Inventory Turns

Our advantage is based on providing a partnership that delivers superior inventory turns of candles – a better availability coupled with substantially reduced inventories. We reduce both shortages and surpluses and significantly improve the inventory turns by effectively managing supply chain and quickly reacting to changes in demand.

Eco-Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers believe that purchasing green products may be a way they can help the environmental problems society faces today. With eco-innovations we launch new environmentally friendly products that are demanded by fast growing population of Eco-Consumers.



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The light of a candle - strong and fragile - whispers about hope, memories, reconcilement, the triumph of light over darkness, harmony, love and foremost – care. Whenever we light the candle, we light up our brightest, caring side.